Why Your Business Can Benefit from Access Control Systems Why You Need Access Control Systems

by Daniel Hardwick

Posted on 2020-03-16 07:11:13

Security is a concern for all of our clients-- small to medium-sized businesses across all industries. Making sure people, equipment and information is safe and remains in the hands of only those who are authorized is top priority to maintaining security from the inside out.

In the past, many businesses just used lock-and-key access systems. However, with businesses growing and technology increasing, we see this phasing out for many companies. Some of the downfalls of lock-and-key systems include having to keep track of physical keys, keys getting misplaced or into the hands of the wrong employees and having to replace keys or all of the locks from time to time.

Access control systems can automate the whole process, saving you time, money and stress.

What is access control?

An access control system will allow you to lock doors and allow only those with proper access control devices to pass through. It could be something like a card you swipe or a fob that when read by the reader, gives them access.

Access control systems give certain people access to some areas and allow you to change who needs access to what as you need. The system can also keep record of who attempts to access which areas and at what time.

The benefits of access control systems

With access control systems you can control and keep track of who is entering and leaving buildings or secure areas. This information is valuable if there is ever a data breach, if supplies are stolen, or other events occur that can threaten your safety. Using access control systems will help you find out who was in areas when the event occurred. They also help managers keep track of employees and can even help with time tracking for hourly employees.

Access control systems can help during emergency situations as well. If you ever have an emergency lockdown, these systems can make the situations easier to control because they will restrict who enters and leaves the premises. They also help keep account of all employees.

So many access control products today can connect to your mobile devices so you can manage security and control remotely.

Overall, access control systems help a business and/or employees with:

  • Easier access

  • Audit trail

  • Emergency lockdown

  • And so much more!

Having effective access control systems not only protects your business and property but your important and confidential information as well.

A few of our most popular access control systems include the Isonas Pure Access Cloud Software and ProdataKey.

Now, you can easily connect and manage all your properties with one user interface when using Isonas Pure Access Cloud Software.

ProdataKey allows you to effortlessly manage your access control remotely. It acts as an access control system and integrates with a security system to help take the burden of security off of your back! You have complete control over who is allowed in and out of your building as well as detailed logs of activity.

We design and install access control systems that are easy to manage and allow access to the right people, at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access to secure areas.

We can help determine the type of access control you need, whether that’s role-based access control, attribute-based access control or another solution. 

Contact us today for more information or for a complimentary business security evaluation!