3 Signs it's Time to Upgrade your Security Camera System

by Shari Hardwick

Posted on 2022-11-14 20:55:18

Your security system is critical to your business’s security and safety. As with any well-thought out security system it should have layers. A surveillance system is a key point in these layers and helps keep your employees and patrons safe. It records critical events and overall keeps an eye on everything. It is for this reason your surveillance system should be up to date with the latest software and equipment. 

3 Signs it's Time to Upgrade your Security Camera System:

1) If you cannot view your surveillance cameras from your phone. This may seem kind of obvious but there are many systems still in use that can't allow users to view and manage their cameras from their phone or other mobile device.

2) If you have to sit through hours of endless footage to find that 35 second clip of important footage. There are much easier ways to do this with our upgraded IP security systems. Smart searches allow you to view hours of footage in seconds so you only have to pay attention to the important stuff.

3) If it takes a degree just to export some footage into an email or jump drive to share with the authorities, or you have to make sure you save the right format and it attaches the right video player. It's time to upgrade your experience. It should not be rocket surgery to share important footage from your security cameras.

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