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Integrated Security Systems for Commercial and Business Use

We offer a comprehensive suite of integrated commercial and business security systems and products that help prevent intrusions, offer fire protection, keep 24/7 backup video surveillance, enable access control and more.


Our professionals design, install and maintain customized solutions that deliver bullet proof security solutions for any business. Based on the needs of your business, we provide you with the best possible technology and security for your commercial spaces with 24/7 security camera systems, video surveillance, access control and more to protect your business all day and all night.

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Developing secure, easy to use systems and services is what we do every day. The design is simple, but some clients feel that managing hardware solutions across different locations can be tough. We will do this for you. We can maintain consistent hardware solutions across all of your locations, in or out of state.

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We undertake the entire process, from design to implementation, to managing if needed. We design and deliver turn-key solutions when you need it most. Our customer service department is there for you throughout the entire process, from surveys and design to installation and completion, we keep you updated every step of the way.

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Our Story

We offer physical security solutions (security cameras, secure doorknobs and locks, commercial security systems, etc.) as well as ongoing maintenance for your vaults, safes and more.

There is no “one size fits all” solution in this industry, and we know that. We listen to you and understand your business needs better, servicing your security and giving you peace of mind.


Access Control

We design and install access control systems that are easy to manage and allow access to the right people, at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access to secure areas. We can help determine the type of access control you need, whether that’s role-based access control, attribute-based access control or another solution.

Door and Hardware Controls

We provide customers with the convenience and security of hollow metal doors and frames that maintain the latest safety standards. Our specialty hardware, fire rated doors and hardware, door openers and closers and emergency exit hardware aim to keep you safe at all times, but especially during emergencies.

Video Surveillance

We can install the latest video technology that will keep eyes on all hallways, spaces, rooms and places so you are able to remotely manage operations and see what is going on at all times.

Commercial Locksmith

Our key systems offer various levels of key control so you can give select employees access to certain doors or places, but still maintain control over restricted areas.

Safe and Vault

We offer installation and maintenance services for commercial vaults and safes. From operational troubleshooting, to service and combination changes, we can fix and provide ongoing preventative maintenance and upgrades to your new or current safes and vaults.


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