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Just what is a master key system?

Not all businesses need electronic access control. Even some larger facilities can't justify using electronic card readers or locks. How do smaller businesses and these facilities or organizations improve their access control and security while keeping budget in mind?

The answer is a master key system. Master key systems give owners control over who has keys/access to their building. By keying groups of doors alike with tiered key options, owners can give basic employees access to certain doors, while managers and owners can have access to all doors. See our keying guide below for the various levels of key control we can provide.

Restricted Key Systems


Standard Keyway

The most commonly used keyways, which can also be cut at any mart store and homecenter. These keyways are great if key control is not a priority. Often we see "DO NOT DUPLICATE" on these keys in the hopes that they will not be copied but this doesn’t fool most key and security professionals.


Semi-Restricted Keyway

These are a start in key control and restricting unwarranted duplicates. These are keyways that often only security professionals carry or keyways that their patent has run out on and are now free to the open market. We carry quite a few semi-restricted keyway manufacturers so we can service selective commercial customers.


Patent Restricted Keyway

This is for the most discerning commercial customer who absolutely does not want copies made without his or her knowledge. Our patent controlled keyway is a program we have bought into, making us the only authorized dealer within a certain radius. We have also completed manufacturer training to become professionals in these manufacturer’s keyways.

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Maintenance & Repair

Don’t let your equipment fall into disrepair. AKL has the skill and the knowhow to maintain and repair your locks and hardware to keep your business protected. AKL has been repairing and maintaining door and building hardware for customers for over 40 years. That experience enables us to provide consistent, reliable maintenance using top notch hardware and tools.