A Bit Unconventional

by Daniel Hardwick

Posted on 2019-02-12 09:02:35

A Bit Unconventional


Sometimes a situation arrises that constitutes unconventional solutions. Sometimes we need to think outside the box and create an environment which solves some kind of problem that extends outside of simple card access to a building. Asking the right questions and understanding the needs of our customers is how we achieve this. Our solutions aren’t always the most elaborate and expensive out there which some sales techs will try to push, instead we try to solve a problem the simplest and most cost effective way possible. This article will basically be a list of case uses for our IP access control and IP video surveillance with descriptions of each case use.


Large corporations, schools and offices sometimes need to evacuate their building for what ever reason. Ensuring everyone is out of the building and at their designated evacuation point is critical and can sometimes be a daunting task. We can make this easier by installing one of our IP Access control card readers at each muster point or place of gathering. Using the employees existing badges they simply swipe the card reader at their muster station and the software logs them in. You can also assign certain employees or personnel to certain muster points. If the reader turns green upon a card swipe that means your at the right station. If it stays red then you are not at the right station. The supervisor in charge of roll call simply logs into the web based software on their iPad or even phone, run a history report on that particular reader and easily see who is checked in and who is missing. Muster point integration can be as simple or elaborate as needed depending on your facility’s infrastructure and evacuations protocols. 


Everyone knows ambulances carry important life saving equipment and medicine on board. Some of these medicines need to have some kind of track record with who used it last and even who gained access to it last, also everyone knows that paper records and forms can be a bit unreliable or completely useless sometimes. A simple fix is an IP card reader installed on the restricted cabinet. The first thing this enables is restricting access to the correct personnel. Along with restricting access by presenting a credential you also automatically create an event history in the software that can be reported, compiled and printed off for record keeping and audits. Another form or use we have seen is Knox box keys on fire trucks. An IP card reader installed on the cabinet with the Knox box keys for the entire district can restrict access and give a live history to who accessed the Knox box keys, from what truck, on which day, at what time of day, which can be associated with a call which can be filed with the report. When this is parked with the departments access control system we are using their existing ID badges they use to enter the building to perform all these tasks.


The Active shooter situation that is an unfortunate part of our lives is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously and should be planned proactively. Many churches and places of worship are considering IP access control to ensure they know who is coming and going inside the building. With this we gain the ability to go into lockdown. Going into lockdown is a serious situation that should not be taken lightly and needs to happen at the blink of an eye to make sure it is effective. Churches with a narthex or lobby just as you walk in or outside the sanctuary can utilize an IP card reader behind a counter or on a desk. If we make a custom rule  that uses a specially makes card and when this card is presented to this reader it will enact a lockdown mode on one door or any group of doors. This is a fast an effective way to lockdown a building when you may not have fast easy access to the software.


What ever the need may be there is more than likely solution that can make the task or situation easier to manage. Access control is not only being used to control access to buildings any more. It is getting integrated with tracking users and history trails everywhere. Managing tasks and tracking events is an unconventional use for access control that wasn’t foreseen originally when card access was first being introduced. Want to learn more what tasks can be made easier with IP access control? Give us a call, shoot us an email, have one of our certified and trained technicians give you a complete physical security survey and learn what unconventional solutions we have for your business.