by Daniel Hardwick

Posted on 2019-02-10 21:02:38

New Year, New You, New Risks


With the new year your business should evaluate security and risks along with the vulnerability to those risks. Small business owners are strapped as it is with little money for growth let alone growth in security. One of the easiest way to increase security is to change your doors locks or hardware. Simply rekeying the locks is the easiest and least expensive way to add security. Changing out hardware to work better for your businesses exact needs is another way. Simply adding an exit alarm to back doors or emergency exits is a perfect example of this. 


Adding surveillance is another way to mitigate risks and theft threats. Your business shouldn’t be tied down to local only video or fuzzy grainy images that aren’t going to do any good to authorities. smart IP video surveillance cameras can be viewed from anywhere and provide you with notifications when things go down or wrong. There are also a lot of options when it comes to camera systems, don’t only think of cost with your purchase decision. Total cost of ownership needs to be addressed and how much maintenance will cost later down the road. Research is needed and this process shouldn’t be rushed.


Maybe access control is needed, you’ve realized that there could be threats from within. Controlling when your employees can access which doors from anywhere is a real asset. Whether you want to eliminate brass keys or gather history reports and grant or revoke access on the fly. Electronic access control is a great way to go. First you need to decide if electronic access control is even needed. If your business has a lot of overturn in help then revoking their card or code with standalone access control may be the best solution. If you need a little more control and add schedules and more custom rules and programming, you may be better off with a cloud based access control.


Exploring your businesses risks should start small and get specific. Assessing your vulnerability to these risks will point you in the direction you need. Which ever direction you go give AKL Security Solutions a shout and let us help. We can answer questions or install a turn key solution to improve your security in 2019, and make sure you have the right technology to start your year off right